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Little Monchele things

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Cory Monteith interview - ‘You just kinda always knew that there was something more’

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Monteith never got a lot of credit for his performance, and that’s a shame. He played straight (literally and figuratively) on a show where almost everyone else was colorful and theatrical. It’s a thankless role, but Monteith made some interesting choices. He never strutted confidently, instead walking with a slight hunch or hesitation that undermined the solidity of an Everyman, and he generously allowed his costars to have the bigger reactions. In several confrontations like this beautiful scene in “The Breakup” (where Rachel poses the question of what makes a man), he often looked away from his scene partner, which made him seem uncertain and childlike. And whenever Finn had to act like a fratboy, Monteith delivered those lines with comic timing, thereby reassuring us that bro behavior was an affectation. These were conscious acting choices that deconstructed the jock character. In Monteith’s portrayal, masculinity was a performance, and a leading man was just a boy pretending to be a man.

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There’s people on this earth who make an effort to show love. There’s people on this earth who make an effort to give every human being time. And he was one of those guys. He was one of those guys.
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Cory literally lived so much of his life in service of others. Or rather, knowing that all the success in the world would mean nothing if you didn’t take the platform you were given and try and help other people. Whether it was by being a voice for them, or championing them through causes or…

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